Perils and Pleasures of Herbie La Fleur


How can you hate Jollof Rice? What exactly do you hate about it? I'm intrigued.

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I can’t stand the taste, smell or sight of it. Definitely not a dish I consider to be appetising.


A while back I was taught an important lesson on patience. I had none or very little; I just wanted to dive head first into making my dream work.

Bad idea.

This musical journey that I’ve found myself on is definitely a long one. A marathon lol. I’ve learnt that what I want to accomplish musically will only come over time; I just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I’ve met so many talented musicians and singers recently. Bassists, drummers, guitarists… And they’re all stunningly wonderful people who know and appreciate the art of sound. I’m lucky to have met them.

As a singer, I know that there is so much I need to learn and refine. So much. I’m excited. I’m going through a period of self-discovery for real!

I love it.

Anyway. There was no real focus to this post… Just a little reminder to myself and anyone pursuing their passion: enjoy the gift that is time. And use it wisely.


Been away.

Listening to music and writing.



Could you please recommend me some french rappers.

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Suprême NTM
La Fouine
Oxmo Puccino

Knock yourself out lol :)